How to get your KuCoin trading password, API key and secret to use with the QuickPump Crypto Bot


Create an account on KUCOIN by clicking HERE. then head to ‘account security’ from your profile menu on the top bar.

scroll down to ‘trading passsword’ and click change, then follow the simple steps to set your trading password.

Head back to the menu at the top bar and then click on ‘api management’.

click ‘api’ management.

Call the api whatever you like and make sure to keep your passphrase safe. tick the trade box so the bot can make trades. leave the IP restriction set to ‘no’ as if you are using a vps or moving between machines your ip could change and stop the bot from working.

once you click ‘next’ you will only see the below once so make sure to copy the key, secret and enter your trading password into the bot before clicking ‘confirm’ and saving your api.

last but not least, enjoy.