How to set-up a VPS on to use the QuickPump Crypto Pump Bot via Remote Access


CLICK HERE and create an account.

After signing up it should be on billing by default.

If not press the billing on the left.

Now you need to add your payment method, which can be Credit Card, Paypal, bitcoin or Alipay.

At the bottom, you need to select the amount you want to add to your account.

Select “other” and type “$20″ as the amount.

After paying you will have 20$ in your “remaining credit”.

Now you need to go to products in the top left.

It should look like the below, press the blue button saying, “deploy instance.”

Now you should see this, here you need to select “cloud compute” and select “Tokyo” as the country you want it in.

And then scroll down and select “windows” as the server type and select the “2016” version in the dropdown that shows.

then just select the cheapest option costing $20.

After selecting that you press “deploy now”

Then it should start deploying your server and show your server as installing.

Now just wait until it is done. And then your server is up and running.

Now to connect to your server we will use “remote desktop connection”. You find this in windows.

Press the search bar beside your windows button. And type “remote desktop connection” and then open that app.

Now go back on the website and press your “cloud instance”. It should open the information about your server.

Here you can see your IP and username + password.

Use that Ip + username and password to sign in on the “remote desktop connection” program. Paste it here.

then press connect. it will ask for a username and password.

You should now be inside your VPS, which is just a windows computer running 24/7 that you will be using to run the bot on.

Now you should see a program called “server manager” which we need to change some settings in so press the “configure this local server.”

Here you need to disable “IE Enhanced Security Configuration”. So, it says “off” instead of “on”.

Now when you have disabled that you can close the program, and then you need to search on the windows search bar of the VPS, here you type “SmartScreen” and press the small “cogwheel”.

Now press the “change SmartScreen settings” at the top.

Now when inside the settings press the small arrow inside the circle in the “security” section.

After that press, the “change settings” under “windows SmartScreen”.

Now turn it off and press ok.

Now you need to download the .net framework 4.8. BY CLICKING HERE.

After downloading it install it on the VPS

After that is done installing you should be able to download your bot and activate your key on the VPS.

NOW the bot should be good to GO for the next pump!


How do I close the VPS?

You do not shutdown the VPS like you shutdown your PC, just press the “X” at the top in the blue bar.

It says my key is already in use?

You have used your key on your primary computer, just message the admins in the Discord and they will help you get a new one for your VPS.

“How do I access my VPS after closing my pc?”

You just need to run the “remote desktop connection” program again and sign in using your IP and username & password.