How to set-up a VPS using Amazon AWS EC2 to use the QuickPump Crypto Pump Bot via Remote Access


Create an account on Amazon AWS by clicking HERE.

Register with your Email address and click on continue and go through the rest of the registration.

After you created and logged in into your account check that in the top right corner “Tokyo” is selected so that the Server gets created in the near of the Binance servers.

Click on EC2 to get to the Dashboard

Click on the left side on “Instance Types”

search for “t3.micro” and select it.

In the top right corner click on Actions and select “Launch instance”

select “Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base” and make sure its “Base” at the end. You can either choose 2016 or 2019. I personally like 2019 more.

Scroll down and make sure that “t3.micro” is still selected. If it yes click on “Review and Launch”

click again on Launch

Choose “Create a new key pair” and insert the name you want doesn’t matter what you type in. After you typed your “Key pair name” in Download it with the button. After downloaded click “Launch instances”.

Wait a couple minutes till it says your server is ready. If it says ready right click your server and click on connect.

Choose as Connection method “A standalone RDP client”. Download the “Remote Desktop File”.

Click on “Get Password” from step 12 and select the Key Name you created in step 10. After you chose the File and the encrypted password shows up click on “Decrypt Password”

Now you can see the Decrypted Password. Now start the RDP Client you just downloaded and copy paste the password into the “Password” tab and hit enter.

Now you have connected to your Server in Tokyo successfully. But we are not done yet. Once you connected to it and it load up. Click on the search bar in the bottom left corner and search for “Server Manager”. This will open up and you click on “Local Server”

After you clicked on “Local Server” you can see on the right side “IE Enhanced Security Configuration. Click on “On”.

Turn both off! You need to set them to “Off” because this is blocking all your downloads.

all done! Now your server is ready to use. Download your desired Browser, install Discord and your Pump Bot. Do whatever you want!

Never forget to turn off your Server after the actual pump because it costs 20 – 40 cents per hour. To do this go back to your dashboard. Right-click the server again and select “Instance State” and click on “Stop”.

To turn your server on again just hit connect again and enter the password.

Enjoy your Amazon AWS VPS and Thanks for reading!

Written by Zayn#6666